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Welcome to Veterinary Hospital Associates

Veterinary Hospital Associates has been serving the Pueblo area since 1975. Our full-service animal hospital provies exceptional veterinary care, including:

We continue to strive to keep you happy with our service and help your pet maintain a long and healthy life. Our veterinarians are committed to staying on top of the latest and best diagnostics and treatments, and our friendly staff want to make you feel at home on every visit.

Contact us today at (719) 564-0330 with your questions or to schedule an appointment.

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World Rabies Day for Pet Owners

On World Rabies Day, observed on September 28th, the focus shifts to safeguarding both pets and humans from the grave dangers of rabies.

The disease, transmitted through bites, poses a serious threat to mammals, including pets, leading to behavioral changes, paralysis, and often fatal outcomes. Through vaccinations, responsible pet ownership, and swift action in case of exposure, pet owners play a crucial role in preventing the spread of rabies and ensuring a safer coexistence for all.

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